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A Better Life

Mental Health is a key component to an individual's overall quality of life.  Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety or simply feeling “stressed out”, it is extremely difficult to manage other areas of your life when you are struggling to manage a mental health related issue.  Psychotherapy can help you address your issues so all areas in your life benefit and you are able to function at your very best.   Living Well Counseling Services is here for you, to help you begin this journey of healing whatever may be troubling you. 


The importance of mental health


Lisa Srour, LCSW, CADC

The New You

How we think, affects how we feel, which in turn affects how we behave.  In therapy, we will examine your thoughts, feelings and behavior and work together to help you address the issues negatively affecting your life and begin to heal the past, improve the present-one day at a time, and look forward to the future.